Minooka, Sandwich FPDs Recognized for January Calls

Minooka, Sandwich FPDs Recognized for January Calls

Metro Paramedic Services (Metro) recognizes two of its employees assigned to the Minooka Fire Protection District for the January 2020 Call of the Month for a response to a unique call for a subject who became trapped, requiring a Technical Rescue. The subject was trapped from the waist down.

Metro employee assigned to Minooka FD, Matt Feinberg, was on the call and reported the removal effort was a success.

“After a very prolonged and intense effort to rescue the subject by MABAS Fire Divisions 14 & 15 and the Minooka Fire Protection District, the subject was successfully freed and the ambulance crew operated by Metro employees Trevor Husch and Brandon Stang were allowed to assess, treat, and successfully transport the subject to the hospital in stable condition,” Feinberg said.

Feinberg also praised Husch and Stang for being in constant communication with Fire Operations and the Technical Rescue Team (TRT) command on scene, ensuring a smooth, coordinated effort in which multiple agencies responded and rendered aid.

“Their efforts to build on the information given to them and making a plan for the best outcome for the patient show they went above and beyond the call,” Feinberg said.

Minooka Fire Protection District will share the Metro’s Paramedics January 2020 Call of the Month award with Metro personnel assigned to the City of Elmhurst.

Laube Cerney Johns rev
Sandwich FPD's Connor Laube, Ian Cerney, and Mitch Johns were recognized for their life-saving actions. (Photo Credit: Metro Paramedics)

The Sandwich Community Fire Protection District received an honorable mention/runner-up for Metro’s Call of the Month for January 2020 for their work on a call that initially started with a patient reporting difficulty breathing but went into cardiac arrest shortly after the crew arrived. The crew of Ian Cerney, Connor Laube, Mitch Johns, and Chief Derek Hagerty were able to administer CPR and get the patient to the hospital with stable vital signs and a strong pulse.

“With quick actions and strong knowledge, these guys did a great job and did get a pulse back,” Hagerty said.

Metro Paramedic Services Congratulates the Elmhurst Fire Department, the Minooka Fire Protection District (including MABAS Fire Divisions 14 & 15), the Sandwich Community Fire Protection District, and Metro’s employees assigned to these agencies for their outstanding efforts! Keep up the good work!

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