February 2020 Call of the Month

Metro employees Todd Taylor and Trevor Korinek, assigned to the Roselle Fire Department contract, responded to a call for a psychiatric evaluation. But upon arrival on the scene, they were confronted with a much different set of circumstances. They quickly assessed their patient who was unresponsive with inadequate ventilations, snoring respirations, and unable to protect their own airway. They also noted the evidence of illicit drug use and paraphernalia surrounding their patient as well as a knife located near the patient. They immediately requested and received support from the Roselle Police Department as well as an engine company with fellow Metro employee Jennifer Reidle and Roselle Fire Department personnel.

They quickly administered several doses of Narcan but the patient did not respond. Noting that the patient was not responding to treatment and was unable to protect his airway, the crew placed an advanced airway (endotracheal tube) and maintained ventilation support while completing the other patient care. Due to the patient’s conditions and the need to maintain a secure airway they also followed protocol with IV sedation during transport to the hospital.

The actions, treatments of advanced airway management, and calmness under pressure by the crew resulted in this patient having a protected airway and proper oxygenation which led to a positive patient outcome as well as the recognition from the CDH EMS System. This crew provided a high level of patient care for this call and they are recipients of the Metro Paramedics February 2020 Call of the Month.

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