Peterson, Suero Receive Metro’s Call of the Month Award

Peterson, Suero Receive Metro's Call of the Month Award

Metro Paramedic Services (Metro) would like to recognize two of its employees assigned to the City of Elmhurst for Metro’s January 2020 Call of the Month. Metro employees Madeline Peterson and Stephanie Suero responded to a nearby active incident.

Peterson and Suero quickly switched one of the radios over to the police channel so they could hear where the police were setting up a perimeter.

Once the perimeter was set, Peterson and Suero hurried to their rig and drove to the designated staging area. They still had to wait for the police to secure the scene. They notified fire dispatch with all the information they had. Shortly after, word came in that the scene was secure.

“Then we proceeded to do what we’re trained to do,” Peterson said. They approached the shooter, who was suffering from a self-inflicted wound, and started treatment.

Peterson praised the professionalism of the other first responders who worked on this call. “The amount of teamwork between the Hospital staff, Elmhurst Police Department, and Elmhurst Fire Department were what made this call go smoothly. Receiving an award for the actions we took that day is always humbling. It is nice to be recognized, but at the end of the day we all were just doing our job.”

Congratulations to both Madeline Peterson and Stephanie Suero for winning Metro’s January 2020 Call of the Month!

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