April 2021 Call of the Month

April 2021 Call of the Month

Metro Paramedic-Firefighters assigned to Rosemont Public Safety Department were dispatched by NORCOMM Public Safety Communications for a subject with difficulty breathing. While en route to the call, NORCOMM Telecommunicators advised the responding units that CPR was being performed on the now unresponsive patient.

Metro Paramedics Rosemont Public Safety Department
Rosemont Public Safety Department's Tom Lane, Patrick Marshall, John Rizzuto, and Kevin Klincik (not pictured) were awarded the April 2021 Call of the Month.
Kevin Klincik Rosemont Public Safety Department
Kevin Klincik, Paramedic/Firefighter
Rosemont Public Safety Department

Rosemont Ambulance 56, staffed by Metro Paramedic-Firefighters Tom Lane and Kevin Klincik (pictured left), requested additional assistance. Rosemont Ambulance 57, staffed by Metro Paramedic-Firefighters Patrick Marshall and John Rizzuto, also responded with Rosemont fire companies. Crews were on scene in less than five minutes and found a patient in cardiac arrest, with CPR being performed by Rosemont patrol officers.

The team worked quickly and efficiently to provide ALS care, applying the LUCAS chest compression device, cardiac monitor, establishing intraosseous venous access, and administering medications. After the first round of cardiac care was completed, it was noticed that the patient had regained a pulse. Respiratory support was continued while en route to the hospital. The patient was admitted to the ICU and is expected to be discharged soon with a positive prognosis. This is the third “save” for Rosemont’s red shift in the past two months!

Congratulations to the Rosemont Public Safety Department for receiving the April 2021 Call of the Month!

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