March 2021
Call of the Month

Rosemont Public Safety responded to a report of a person in cardiac arrest. Rosemont Ambulance 57, staffed by Metro Paramedic Firefighters Patrick Marshall and John Rizzuto, responded with police and fire units. A visitor staying at a local hotel had lost consciousness in front of family members, who called 911.

John Rizzuto and Patrick Marshall
John Rizzuto and Patrick Marshall worked quickly and efficiently to provide ALS care and save the life of a patient who suffered a cardiac arrest.

Rosemont police patrol officers were first on the scene and began CPR.  They attached an AED which called for a shock to be delivered. As the defibrillation shock was being delivered, the paramedics entered the hotel room and continued patient care with other Rosemont Firefighter-EMTs. The team worked quickly and efficiently to provide ALS care, applying the LUCAS chest compression device, cardiac monitor, establishing intraosseous venous access, and ventilating the patient.

After the first round of cardiac care was completed, it was noticed that the patient had regained a pulse and a normal electrical heart rhythm. Respiratory support was continued while en route to the hospital. The patient was admitted to the ICU and is expected to be discharged soon with a positive prognosis. This is the second “save” for Rosemont’s red shift in the past month!

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