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Ambulance Billing Services

A serious issue that plaques municipalities and other agencies that provide EMS services is trying to collect payments from members of the public who utilize them. Often these bills go unpaid, which places an undue financial burden on government agencies.

Paramedic Billing Services, Inc. (PBS) was founded in 1990 to meet the needs of municipal and fire protection district clients seeking expert EMS billing services. Through its parent company, Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. (Superior), our organization has over 50 years of ambulance billing experience. Superior began providing Emergency Medical Services to accident victims in DuPage County, IL (2nd largest county in the state of Illinois) in 1959, making it the first emergency ambulance service in DuPage County, IL.

Today, Superior is the largest privately owned ambulance company in the Midwest. Superior conducts all ambulance billing in house, processing approximately 245,000 claims per year. Being dependent on collection performance, Superior has developed efficiencies in the ambulance billing process and is poised to watch trends in the industry. PBS is physically located within the same Accounts Receivable division of Superior, having the advantage of shared knowledge, technology, and resources.

PBS processes over 100,000 claims per year on behalf of its 75 plus municipal and fire district clients. Last year PBS collected over $35,000,000 in Gross Revenue. Combined, Superior and PBS process approximately 450,000 ambulance transport claims per year, from transports conducted throughout 4 states; Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Fire Department Billing

PBS has been providing Fire related billing services to its municipal and district clients since 1990.  PBS will follow the billing guidelines as permissible by Illinois state law.  If the Client decides to engage PBS with fire billing, PBS will work with the Client, as it does all other clients, to determine a fair and usual and customary rate structure for the Client (unless one is already established) to charge recipients of fire related billing services.  PBS will also guide the Client through the required documentation, ordinance specifications, and necessary information gathering for billing as needed.

PBS bills for the following fire related services:  Vehicle Fires, Structures Fires, Water Incidents, HAZMAT, False Alarms, Pipeline Incidents, Power Line incidents, Fire Investigations, Special Rescue, Spiller Pay, and more.

PBS works with the Client to customize and integrate Fire billing reporting capabilities.


Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why Paramedic Billing Services is the premier choice for all of your EMS billing and collection needs.

Committed to Meeting Your Unique Needs

Just as no two municipalities are alike, neither are their needs as it relates to EMS and FIRE billing and collection. Paramedic Billing Services takes the time to get to know our clients, so we can develop effective invoicing solutions for each one. We provide a wide array of customized billing services, flexible support hours designed to meet each client’s needs and a team of highly knowledgeable, friendly professionals with multilingual capabilities.   

Contact Us Today

As EMS invoicing experts, we believe that implementing a timely and efficient billing strategy is critical to boosting the success rate of collection efforts and increasing revenues for your municipality. Contact us today at [email protected] to learn more about why so many EMS agencies have chosen us to be their advocate and long term partner since 1990. Interested in a career with us? Click here for more information.  

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