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March 2020 Call of the Month

Metro Paramedics Ian Cerney and Conor Laube
Conor Laube and Ian Cerney, recipients of the March 2020 Call of the Month. (Photo: Sandwich Fire Protection District)

The Metro Paramedics March 2020 Call of the Month goes to the Sandwich Community Fire Protection District.

Sandwich Chief Derek Hagerty nominated the crew of Ian Cerney and Connor Laube for their work on March 26 when they responded to a call involving a possible seizure.

The crew arrived on the scene and found the patient in cardiac arrest and quickly upgraded the call to include fire assistance.

The patient was at their place of business when they fell ill and as a result, the crew had to perform full ALS care with a crowd watching. They immediately began CPR, obtained IO, and secured an airway. They performed three cardiac shocks and delivered medications to obtain ROSC.

The crew then transported the patient, who arrived at the ER with a strong pulse. The crews followed proper SOGs and ROSC guidelines.

This crew was able to deliver outstanding care to the patient due to their extensive knowledge and ability to make quick decisions. The result of their work was the patient being able to get to a cardiac hospital where they were given four stents and then sent to the ICU to continue treatment.

Thank you to Ian Cerney, Connor Laube, Chief Hagerty and the rest of the Sandwich Community Fire Protection District for your great work and congratulations for being recognized for the Metro Paramedics March 2020 Call of the Month.

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