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Metro Paramedics Discusses Cicero Partnership

Cicero Fire Department
Photo Credit: thetownofcicero.com

In this video, Metro Paramedics Vice President Mike Tillman and Cicero TV reporter Gustavo Rosales discuss the benefits of the town of Cicero working with Metro Paramedics for their EMS staffing needs.

“Our partnership with the town provides many benefits,” Tillman said. “We purchased all five ambulance vehicles from the town. That absorbs all the liability and risk of providing ambulances for the town of Cicero, including maintenance, if the ambulances were involved in a motor vehicle accident, all that liability and risk is on our company.”

Watch the video to find out how Metro Paramedics is able to help Cicero save money while still providing outstanding EMS staff for their citizens.

Find out how Metro Paramedics can help your city. Call 630.530.2991 for more information on Fire and EMS Staffing.

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